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Бэй цзин. Бай юнь гуань

14 Июл 2015 в 23:18.

И Фань Ли-эр


净天地咒:接收宇宙信息场,初步达到一定的“天人感应”从而汇聚能量。使周围能量场排除杂质,得到净化。 此咒可以制魔召灵,役使群灵,安镇五岳,保天地长存,扫荡厌秽,正气充沛,使邪气消灭,祛病长生。天地之间,污秽太多,均由人为,所以需要此咒以清净之。Incantation for the Purification of Heaven and Earth: For the enclosure to receptive to communications from the cosmos, the first step is to achieve a level of “resonance between heaven and man” and from there the convergence of energy. Causing the surrounding energy field to be rid of impurities, and be cleansed.This incantation can curb demons summon spirits, direct multitude of spirits in servitude, pacify and safeguard the five high mountains, maintain the perpetuity of Heaven and Earth, clear away loathed impurities, with positive qi aplenty, cause evil qi to be eliminated, dispel illnesses and prolong life. Between Heaven and Earth, there are too many defilement and impurities, the results of man’s actions, hence the need for this incantation to do cleansing.Translated by Wang Chongwei 王崇伟

Posted by Chongwei Wang on 28 Февраль 2013 г.

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